All You Ever Wanted to Know about Copper Nails

If you go to any DIY or hardware store, you will inevitably come across the aisle with nails and, in it, you will find copper nails. If you are like most other people, you will walk straight past these, perhaps wondering if someone ever buys them. Indeed, they are not the most popular nail on the market. However, they do have their uses and they are actually very nifty. There are many different types of copper nails out there, and they get used in many different applications. Let’s take a closer look.

Types of Copper Nails and Their Uses

First of all, let’s take a look at the different types of copper nails. Broadly speaking, there are copper annular ring clout nails, copper clout nails and a few others. The first two, however, are the most popular. Less popular, but existing, types include copper slates, pins, disk rivets and straps.

Copper clouts and annular rings, firstly, are generally used in roofing materials like slate tiles. They come in many different sizes, because each individual project will need a different type of clout. In most cases, construction workers choose these types of nails because there are building regulations in place to say that galvanized nails cannot be used on slate. Alternatively, in coastal regions for instance, galvanized nails don’t last very long, so copper is the better option.

Copper clouts are incredibly durable, which makes them far superior to many other types of nails. Additionally, they are really user friendly, above and beyond other nails. This is because it is easy to pull them out without them losing their specific protection. By contrast, a galvanized nail has the potential to corrode very quickly, which can cause roof slates to come undone and fall off the roof. Copper nails are made to last, meaning your roof will last as well.

Then, there are copper pins. These are found more often in decorating, including crafting applications such as beading. These pins are short, making them perfect for this type of application. You can decorate a variety of things in your home. Again, being made of copper, they are highly durable, particularly compared to other nails used in decoration projects. However, you can only use copper pins for indoor applications.

Copper disk rivets are used for roofing only. They are particularly useful for fiber cement tiles, because you can use them to properly secure the tiles to your rooftop. These tiles are much more user friendly than other types of tiles, because they are very easy to replace. Replacing them is even easier if you use copper nails and you might even be able to reuse the nails because they are so durable.

If you need a good quality nail for roof work or decorating, or even to help you kill a tree (yes, copper kills trees), then copper nails are exactly what you need. Next time you are in the DIY or hardware store, therefore, don’t just walk past them but consider them as a viable option.


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