Some Myths about Metal Roofing Dispelled

It is interesting to see how few people truly have an understanding of metal roofing. People have preconceived ideas of poor quality, which means they often stay away from it. However, a Chicago IL roofing company have gone out of their way to dispel some of these myths. Hopefully, this will give people a greater understanding and appreciation of this type of technology.

1 – Metal Roofs Get Struck by Lightning

While it is certainly possible for a metal roof to be struck by lightning, this chance is no bigger or small than with any other type of roof. But, since metal is non-combustible, if you are unlucky enough to get hit by lightning, you will at least not have to worry about fire.

2 – Metal Roofs Are Noise in the Rain

This is certainly true if you have gone old school and installed one of those old fashioned barn metal roofs. If it rains on those, it will be like sleeping through a machine gun burst. Now, however, these roofs are installed over an existing roof, solid sheathing or plywood. This means that it is as noiseless as any other type of roof. In fact, it can even be quieter.

3 – Metal Roofs Are Expensive

This is the strangest myth of all. You will see old fashioned metal roofs on many shanty towns, because it is so incredibly cheap. Of course, you are likely to want something more advanced, which is also more expensive. However, the return on investment is huge, particularly if you live in a hot climate. A metal roof will keep your home lovely and cool, which means you won’t have to switch the air conditioning on. If you normally use air conditioning, you will find that you could save as much as 50% on your energy bills in the summer months, so the roof really pays for itself.

4 – A Metal Roof Can Rust

Metal roofs have now been created so that they are resistant to corrosion and rust for many decades. They are often protected with a layer of aluminum or zinc. This bonds to the steel used in the metal roof itself and it is then painted as well to give even further protection. This means it can withstand even the worst abuse. Plus, you get to choose the color of the paint, so you can really create the look you want yourself.

5 – A Metal Roof Will Easily Dent

This is perhaps true with the old fashioned metal roofs, but we have already determined that those are no longer in production. Modern metal roofs are able to withstand all types of abuse, including snow, hail and rain. Even hail won’t be able to dent your roof and you also don’t have to be concerned about the winds either. In fact, you should be able to withstand up to 120mph winds, which is higher than most other types of roofs. Some say that metal roofs are therefore safer during a hurricane. After a hurricane, you often see completely destroyed regular roofs next to metal roofs that look totally undamaged.


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