The difference between apex and pent roof

When you are looking to invest in a new concrete garage for your home you should first consider what type you want. Concrete garages that are bespoke manufactured by reputable companies like Dencroft Garages, are extremely versatile and can be customised in a number of different ways.

One way that a concrete garage can be customised to tailor fit you and your home is with the size. Depending on your plans for your garage and how you hope to use it the size can be specified. Another way you can customise your garage is by choosing what roof type you would prefer, typically there are two main roofing styles that are the most common in the UK.

Apex and Pent are the two most common types, and although they are very different they are equally advantageous for garage owners. The roof of your garage may seem like a trivial factor, but it should be carefully considered. The two have very different designs and properties and therefore suit different garage purposes and uses better.


Apex garages have a roof that similarly resembles that of a house, its has two sides that slope from a point across the middle like a triangle. This design has many benefits and one of which is aesthetics. The apex style has a slightly more complex design to it so if your looking at adding a bit of character to your garden Apex is the way to go. The Pent design is more basic and classic as it is simply one flat roof that slopes to one side.

Secondly, on a functionality point of view, Apex just takes the edge in terms of being slightly more waterproof. This is because the two sloping sides provides more room and steeper angles for rainwater to run off which prevents any water from sitting in puddles on the roof like it may with Pent.  As a result, the Apex style is better able to withstand long and harsh winter weather and heavy rainfall and less likely to suffer water damage.

Apex garages have a roof structure that has more room near the ceiling. This feature is particularly useful if you have plans to convert your garage into a space to live or work that would require more headroom. If your garage is going to be transformed into a workshop, office, or gym the Apex roof style will be much more accommodating. If, however, you have simpler plans for your garage in terms of just storage then Pent is the best option for you. It would be unnecessary to invest in an extravagant looking roof if it simply to be used to store items.

To summarise, the Apex roof style is a better option if your concrete garage is going to be an extension of the living space of your home. The grander aesthetics, durability and increased headroom all make it more adequate to accommodate for leisure activities. If you are planning to use your garage for simpler purposes then the cheap and cheerful, basic design of the Pent roof may be better, it may have no thrills, but it is still a high-quality roof.


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