Balloon Power

Due to increased concerns over our environmental state of affairs, our crippling dependency on oil, and the encouraged progression and commercialization of renewable energy sources, new technological advancements have been made, to address the issues we all now face. We’ve managed to innovatively cultivate and successfully harness a variety of alternative energy sources from natural resources; in an effort to effectively reduce our energy consumption. Solar energy, wind, hydroelectricity, and geothermal energy are among the many forms of renewable energy sources successfully utilized today.  New sophisticated modes of producing greater amount of energy as well as a cleaner amount of energy is continually changing and shaping the way we live. Cool Earth Solar is among the few making a technological contribution. The organization has put forth a remarkable alternative solution, in response to our existing environmental predicament.



Cool Earth Solar has further developed on an existing technology called Photovoltaics (PV), which is related to solar cells and the conversion of sunlight to a serviceable electrical source of energy. They utilize their own technology called photovoltaic technology (CPV), which is meant to substantially improve the way we produce solar energy. It is said to produce a vastly greater amount of energy in a more cost-efficient manor.

Their globular shaped solar concentrators are ingeniously constructed with inexpensive equipment and materials (plastic film, air, and aluminum).  When inflated with air, top half of this product is transparent, which focuses the sun’s rays on to the focal point (like a magnifying glass), and bottom half is reflective in nature. A PV cell is strategically placed at the focal point. Not only is it meant to be extremely efficient and cost-effective, but the product is extremely durable and weather resistant.


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