CFL…..Not Just Another Football League

In the past when someone utters these 3 little letters; C…F….L the meathead in all of us might think of an NFL wanna be. But no sir!! These letters have come to be known as Compact Flourscent Lighting. Lasting longer than the now defunct XFL, these little gems can save over 2,000 times their own weight in greenhouse gasses. Yeah, so it costs a little more than an incandescent bulb up front; but the CFL bulb will save money in energy usage over time, and it lasts 15 times longer than the ordinary bulb. If CFLs were a football player then they would be the John Elway of the Bulb world. Plus, think of how cool and hip you will be when your friends and neighbors see how energy efficient you are. Oh yes!!! Chics dig CFLs.

If you’re looking for great choices for Energy Efficient Lighting, then come on over to Eco-lights Energy Star Lighting Page.


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