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Easy Tips and Tricks to Embrace a Green Lifestyle

Green is the new black. In recent years environmental issues have become an increasing concern to the everyday person. You will probably be aware of the effects of global warming and the damage humans are causing the planet. Like many people you may wish to live a greener lifestyle but may not know where to start or how to introduce ‘green living’ into your home.

The following tips are designed to help you live a little greener and know that you are doing your bit to help the environment:

Recycling – it matters more than you think

This is an obvious starting point but one thing that many people still do not do. It is estimated the average human in the western world produces two kilograms of waste daily. Anything you can recycle and which reduces this figure is going to help the environment.




Many homes have gardens and if your home does not then it may be possible to create window boxes or potted plants at your doors and windows. Looking after your outdoor space will encourage wildlife, in particular birds to your home and assist them to survive. In addition plants remove carbon dioxide from the environment and produce oxygen. Looking after your plants can also help you to feel connected to the earth.

Lights and curtains

Outdoor lights are a valuable assistance during the darker mornings and evenings, however, leaving them on does use more electricity than is required and this is harmful for the environment. It is best to purchase timers and set them according to the time of year so that your lights are not on more than they need to be.

Another smart alternative is to consider shades or curtains; these may prevent natural from getting inside the home. You won’t even feel the need to turn on the air conditioner and consume energy as long as you have dark shades.

Vintage décor items

Purchasing second hand items is an easy way to help the environment. New products are created in a factory and this production has a consequence for the earth. A second-hand item can be easily renovated, if required, and will add real character to your home.


Eco-friendly products

Whenever possible you should look to purchase eco-friendly products. This is particularly true when adding the finishing touches to a home. Many accessories can be found in an eco-friendly format and provide you with the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the planet.

Repairing dysfunctional furniture and repurpose it

Unfortunately it has become common to throw away an item when it no longer works. Many of these items can be easily repaired and will last for many more years. It should become second nature to repair your damaged items or reuse them for a different purpose. This item can also be passed down through the generations and have a real sentimental value.

Washing without damaging the planet

Cutting your water usage is vital in saving the planet. One of the best ways of achieving this is to make sure that you only ever use your washing machine or dishwasher when it is full.

Going Out

It is very easy to need something and to simply jump into your car and get it. One of the most important green principles you need to adopt is to start using the facilities in your own community. If they are adequate for the job then you do not need to travel further afield and this means you do not need to drive. For journeys which are essential it is advisable to consider carpooling. If possible you can even use the bus or train to get around. The additional walking you will be doing will not only help the environment; it will make you fitter too!

The most difficult thing about attempting to live a greener lifestyle is that it is not possible to simply flip a switch and change. Lifestyle changes take time and there will be many occasions when you realize you could have done something differently. The trick to successfully going green is not to worry about these times; simply focus on changing one thing at a time and it will get easier!

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