It’s Stink Bug Season . . . Again

Chances are, your home has been invaded by stink bugs. These are crawling, flying brown bugs that are shaped a bit like shielded triangles. They crawl along all the surfaces of your home, surprising you in your car or outside your house.

Although they’re plenty harmless to people, they do have a smelly problem, because they give off an unpleasant odor when they’re stepped on or crushed, or when you swat or disturb them. It’s a pretty good defensive ability, and most people just try to stay away from them.

If you feel like stink bugs weren’t around when you were growing up, you’re right. They didn’t come to the United States until the mid-90s, arriving as stowaways from Asia. Since then, they’ve marched their way in most parts of the United States, and unless you have a good pest control solution, they’ll probably be found in your home, too.

Are Stink bugs Harmful?

Stink bugs don’t bite, sting, or hurt people. They’re not fast, and act as more of a nuisance than anything else. However, they are incredibly harmful to many crops and plants on farms, and they suck out the insides of millions of dollars’ worth of fruits and vegetables every year. Since they can fly, it’s not hard for them to travel from one crop to another. Unfortunately, they don’t have any natural enemies to stop them, which means that they keep reproducing.

Is There Stink Bug Pest Control?

Stink bugs are most commonly found in the fall since they want to be in a warm place in the winter, just like people do. You’ll probably see them on your windows and on the sides of your home. There are several preventative measures that you can take to keep them from invading your house:

  • First, these bugs are likely to crawl right through the gaps that form between your windows and house. Caulk your windows (and your outer doors, while you’re at it).
  • These bugs can enter through your chimney, so place a tight-fitting screen cap around it.
  • If you see any cracks in your foundation, be sure to seal them.
  • Using a reliable pest control solution around your home will help to keep stink bugs at bay.

A professional pest control company is the solution for many homeowners’ stink bug problems. They will come out to your home in the early fall, before these insects have started to gather, to create a perimeter around your home’s exterior, your basement floor, and on your siding, and anywhere else these bugs can enter. Call a pest expert today to learn more about their services as a stink bug exterminator.


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