LPG: an Efficient and Clean Source of Energy Fuel If Used Safely

Liquefied Petroleum is widely used, clean, and efficient energy fuel source. Butane and Propane are two main constituents of LPG. It is odourless, smoke-free environment-friendly, and safe energy source that do not pollute indoor air quality or emit greenhouse gases. Thousands and millions of people worldwide are using it for different applications. The domestic, commercial, industrial, transportation, outdoors, agriculture, refrigeration, and power generation are primary sectors that are widely using it as an energy fuel.

Its superiority and advantages over other solid and biomass fuels have also compelled people to switch over to cooking gas. It is fast replacing other solid fuels and biomass like charcoal, wood, dung, and wastes for cooking. Cooking gas has distinctive advantages over these fuels like easy to burn, provide instant heat and controlled flame, and smoke-free, and does not give black smoke. It is also environment-friendly and does not emit black carbon and greenhouse gasses. Families also need not spend their valuable time in collecting biomass fuels like firewood, charcoals, and dung for cooking because gas cylinders are directly delivered at the home of consumers by Gas Delivery Company. The dealer also provides installation, and supply tested accessories such as stoves, burners, and regulators.

However, safety precautions are also necessary when using LPG because people have died of burns, fires, and property is damaged due to unsafe use of cooking gas or did not follow required safety standards. The primary causes of gas related accidents are leakage from valves and piping. The user must regularly check piping and valves for gas leaks and service the whole system. The dealer must also be immediately informed if there is any suspect of gas leakage. One can also use soap water solution to detect and stop gas leaks until the service engineers come to repair the leakage.


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