Selecting the Right Recycling Method for Your Type of Waste

If you have extra waste in your home you are trying to get rid of, just don’t start throwing items in your regular trash bin. You should consider what ways these items can be reused or recycled. Here are some common types of waste and how to recycle them properly. If you have any issues and want more advice you can find waste disposal companies locally, for example, Map Waste provide expert waste disposal services in Leicestershire.


If you have anything made of wood, such as furniture, don’t ever put them in your regular trash receptacle. There are many ways to reuse or donate wood items. If you have absolutely no use for them, try to find local charities that can use them. There are often organisations that are more than willing to repair them and then give to people in need or sell them to earn money for their charity. You can also find a recycling centre that accepts wood items.


There are two main types of oil you might end up with; cooking oil and engine oil. If you have cooking oil you need to throw away, it is okay to put it in a sealable container and put it in the regular trash can. However, you should never throw old engine oil in the trash. Instead, look up recycling banks in your area that accept engine oil. It should be stored in a sealed container before you bring it to a recycling centre.


Metal includes items made of aluminium or steel and is great for recycling. If you can’t think of ways to reuse it at home, such as for home projects, then looking at local recycling centres is a good alternative. Most recycling bins you use at home can be used for metal items, instead of having to bring them in to a recycling centre. However, if you hope to get money for recycling them, you will need to bring them in yourself. Empty and rinse all aluminium bottles and cans before recycling them.

White Goods

White goods include washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers. Before recycling them, see if you can give them away to someone in need. There may be someone who needs a refrigerator and is willing to do some basic repairs. The next option is to donate them to organisations and charities in need. Other than that, they can be picked up or taken to local recycling centres.


Charities should be your first option when you have clothes or textiles you no longer need. Coats, blankets, bedding and clothing are often needed by charities to give to people less fortunate. If you don’t believe a charity would accept the fabrics, you can find textile recycling centres in most major areas.


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