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5 Ideas to Freshen up Your Home in January

Taking down the holiday décor definitely leaves something to be desired and can actually make your home feel a bit dull and underwhelming. In order to avoid the feeling that something is missing from your life and personal environment, don’t let this January go to waste! A bit of creative effort and DIYs can transform your home and make you feel cheerful, motivated and energized to work on becoming an even better version of yourself in the New Year. Personal environment affects us all, and you don’t want to get somber just because Christmas and festivities are no longer a part of your everyday life. With that in mind, check and try out the following ideas.

1. Add vibrant colors to your interior

There are many ways to add pops of color to your personal space. After all, this is the best way to fight the January grays. If you want to get into the mood for spring, you can always enrich your home with colorful flowers. In case you don’t really like too many flower pots and flowers, but still want to get the spring feel, you can opt for new decorative cushion covers that feature fresh flower designs, thus adding the necessary vibrancy to your home décor. Of course, if you feel up to it, you can take on a painting project and create an accent wall with pops of color(s), or add a unique touch with a self-adhesive wallpaper of appropriate pattern. When vibrant, “happy” colors are concerned, everyone has their own take on them. Therefore, choose hues and tones that feel fresh and uplifting to you personally.

2. Time for a New Year declutter

Once you have all your decorations removed, it will definitely be easier to see whether there’s some extra clutter making a mess. Not to mention that you’ll be aware of all the things that bothered you when you were putting up the decorations in the first place. In that respect, this is a great opportunity to declutter. Aside from little bits and bobs, don’t forget to clean out your bathroom of empty products to make room for the ones you love and use. If you’re up for a fulfilling challenge this early in the year, you can tackle the declutter project of your spring and winter clothes, and make more room in your wardrobe and storage for a fresher feel.

3. Reorganize your shelves

Sometimes, even the changes that may seem small at first can make a huge difference for your home and environment. In that respect, take a good look at your shelves and the way you stored and displayed books, figurines, photos, and other personal details on them. Rearranging the stuff you keep on your shelves can actually create a feeling of a completely new home, and the new organization will adequately freshen up your personal space.

4. Keep things cozy

Coziness is not only reserved for the festive season. Making sure that your home is comfortable all year round will definitely improve your lifestyle. Therefore, do your best to fill your home with textures and softness that appeals to you. New curtains, cushions, sofa/bed covers, maybe some new, bright-colored towels, rugs, etc. can make wonders for your home. On a bigger scale, in case you believe your home needs a bit of an upgrade, you can check out comfy and stylish lounges or other pieces of furniture that can help you make the most out of your home’s fresh start of the year. If there’s a need to replace something old, feel free to choose new pieces that perfectly match your taste and personality.

5. Keep the creative juices flowing

There are countless home DIY projects that you can try, but when it comes to the lack of magic and festivities in your home after the holidays, there are a couple that can truly improve your mood and set a positive environment with a personal touch. For instance, projects that involve your lights such as DIY lampshades and chandelier covers/ornaments are always a sure way to transform your home. If you still want something dreamy, think about making your own canopy cover for your bed. If it feels like you have too much space all of a sudden, you may as well try creating your own reading nook.

Remember, just because the festive, jolly and magical season is over and you’re about to resume your daily activities as usual, you don’t have to think of this as boring or ordinary. Even with the dreamy decorations gone, you can simply move onto different projects and vibes you want for your home. As you look forward to every new month and season, you can successfully incorporate this attitude into keeping your home fresh and inspiring as well.


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