5 Mistakes to Avoid during Kitchen Refurbishment

When you want to work on proper kitchen refurbishment to improve what you already have around your home you may need to work on improving it and cleaning it after that. There are mistakes you can make along the way and we will cover some of them up ahead:

  • Never expect the project to run without flaws

Problems will happen and you will likely feel annoyed at the mistakes, but you should never drive yourself insane over it. Remember that you will have this kitchen for quite a few years and that means you will face insignificant issues over the long course of time today as this will last a long time. The most important part of the job is getting things handled and on track as quickly as possible when you work on the tasks. A good example of that would be when something unexpected comes around and you need to handle it, but the current contractor can’t do it. Just be prepared for slower days and setbacks even in the best of cases, since they are a strong possibility, especially with older homes. Lastly, get ready for some serious household cleaning after the refurbishment.

  • Don’t expect solid results until the project is really done

You can make arrangements so you won’t need a working kitchen in the mean time. Refacing your cabinets will not hamper your ability to use the kitchen, but new countertops could be a serious setback that would make cooking almost impossible. You will always need running water and a sink, so you may lose those in the kitchen for a day or two. Be prepared for the possibility and look for new ways you can get around this problem, considering it could take you up to two weeks or more before you kitchen is back in perfect and working shape.

  • Never start the remodel before you choose appliances

You should always make sure you are aware of the specs of what you have in mind so the contractors will have it before the cabinets are ordered. That way they can have a better fit done to the appliances and there will be no setbacks in the process of making them work. This is something especially relevant to wall ovens, cook tops, large fridges and built-in microwaves so make sure you make it happen. You should also keep in mind you will need to design with easy cleaning surfaces in mind. Any seating will need upholstery cleaning; the floors will also need regular cleaning, as well as oven cleaning for your kitchen space. Make it work by using more sturdy and non-porous surfaces.

  • Never pay the entire sum until the job is done

Most projects will require some serious down payments, which is pretty normal since there is a need for precuts and orders for those meant for your kitchen. If you wanted to withdraw from the project this is a safety net on the financial side of the contractors, but you will also need to cover yourself too. Leave a portion of the payment outstanding until the last touches are finished, which is a normal thing to do. Ten percent should be more than enough of a motivator.


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