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5 Tips for Painting and Decorating your Nursery

Painting and decorating your nursery is an exciting time. It can be difficult to make a decision with so many options out there. Use these 5 tips to help you complete a successful nursery project. Of course, you should definitely start and end with a full on house cleaning, or at least room cleaning so that you get rid of all the waste that awaits you, or is about to be created. There are many cleaning companies that can provide you with proper professional cleaners for a quick job.

  1. Choose your furniture first

With so many colour options for your nursery furniture, start with the colour theme you like that can be matched cohesively throughout. Whether you want to go for warm, bright hues or cool pastels, by starting with the furniture, you can easily match your paint choice later. You may also want furniture that is hard to mess up or easy to clean so that you don’t have problems when upholstery cleaning or regularly house cleaning.

  1. Think practical

While it can be easy to get caught up in cute furniture for your newborn, babies grow quicker than you think. Choose furniture that can be easily re-purposed and moved as they grow. Investing in high-quality furniture over a cheap solution will also help to give longevity to your child’s bedroom furniture. Adding a cute wall decal in place of wallpaper or an intricately painted design can save time in the end. Wall decals are easily removable and can be changed as your child’s style preferences grow.

  1. Think purpose

Remember that the purpose of the room is to help the baby sleep, relax and for you to get things done. Ensure you include a quality rocking chair, a changing station with proper storage and a calming palette so as not to overstimulate. Drape a comfortable and soft blanket over the rocking chair for easy snuggling access. Selecting light tones in blues, yellows, greens or grays can help to keep the room gender-neutral and allows for a peaceful feel.

  1. Think lighting

Soft lighting is important for your nursery. Check how the sunlight comes into the room. You may need to consider drapery options to eliminate the harshness of the sunrise in the morning. Soft lighting will also allow for a tranquil feel in the room.

Make the right decisions for yourself and your kid, and then act on them to create the right nursery. There are plenty of options and there are plenty of combinations to think about and to act upon. Just remember to end everything with a thorough house cleaning to put a dot on the job well done.


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