6 Handy Tips for Bathroom Tile Installation

The first thing to do is to prepare the bathroom area by clearing out everything that is not needed for the tile installation and replace them with new items. For example placing new tile on an old wall defeats the purpose of the project. Every handyman knows that it is important to measure both the width and length areas of where the bathroom refurbishment is to take place. Knowing the exact measurements when pursuing any house renovation is the best way to know how much tile needs to be purchased. Especially if there is to be a mixture of different sizes of bathroom tiles

Just like with home cleaning, there are many aspects when doing home repairs and one important aspect is to work with the right tools. Having the right tools helps the work go faster and once the job is completed it looks professional, and if done properly, it will save you the need of an expert house cleaner to take care of the bigger mess. Research what tools you will need and acquire them so that you are prepared for any job at any time.

Another important fact when working on home repairs is to take your time. Many times before and during a house renovation a handyman may want to hurry and get a small job completed in order to start on a bigger renovation job. The best plan is to carry out the smaller job and finish it correctly to prevent having to go back and make repairs on the repairs or even hard cleaning done. When the smaller job is done correctly the first time, this gives the handyman more time for the bigger jobs.

When working keep small children and pets out of the bathroom. Schedule the work to be done when the children are in school or at another activity and pets can be either in another area of the house, or playing outside. Having constant interruptions causes lack of concentration and might result in a mistake being made and needing extra time to correct what could have been avoided. Also, all the leftovers from the repairs could be harmful to your kids and pets, so do keep them at bay while working and until you have your home clean and a full bathroom cleaning done.

Finish everything with a big house cleaning to put the dot on the good job and then enjoy the fruit of your efforts. Now you just have to learn how to maintain the quality of your tiles and focus a bit on the grout and the grout cleaning techniques you will have to learn to keep the bacteria away from your floors.


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