Add Some Style To A Dull Living Room

If you feel like your home has lost its charm, coziness and appeal, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do something about it. Redoing your living room is not all that difficult or demanding, but it does call for a dash of creativeness, a pinch of ingenuity, a tad of project time and some money for the restyling necessities like new rugs and/or carpets, a fresh paint number, a piece or two of carefully selected furnishings and similar comfort and style-oriented accessories. If you’re short on decorating inspiration, we have several tips right here to help you liven up your living area.

Rug for cover: Add warmth and style to your flooring

One of the frequently overlooked aspects of most living areas, floors need adequate covers to make the space comfy, cozy and sleek at first sight. Even if you have wall-to-wall floor carpeting, there’s always room for a small, quaint rug or two. On top of adding charm and appeal to your living area, soft, rich rugs will help visually organize your space and divide it into different zones and keep it optimally warm and snug in wintertime, so go and grab some floor covering ASAP – just make sure its color and design matches the rest of the room.

The colors of good mood: Fresh living room wall paint

Another simple way to add a touch of style and comfort to your living room, a fresh wall paint number is both affordable and highly efficient project that will enliven your living space in a flash and turn a dull environment into your own snug safety bubble. For small rooms, go with wall paint in light tones like white, gentle yellow or soft peach – these visually expand space and contribute to a more open, luminous feel. In case your living room is on the more spacious side, you can do one of the walls in an accent color: this will create a focus-point in the room and divide it into meaningful design units.

Add Some Style To A Dull Living Room, furnishings

Something old, something new: New or revamped furnishings

To add a snazzy note to your shabby living room, get some new furnishings and accessories in the local antiques or used furniture store – or create a fresh look and texture for your existing gear yourself with the help of a few handy odds and ends like a fresh paint coat, fabric leftovers, crochet elements and similar interesting details. Revamped furnishings can render a quaint, homely feel to your living room, and a simple DIY embellishment project can help you save a much-loved piece of furniture or family heirloom from winding up at the local dumpsite.

Wall art at its finest: Accessorize your wall with memories

One more method to turn around the ambiance of your living space, wall art can do magic for the look and feel of your favorite lounging room. To make a simple yet eye-catching wall art masterpiece, you’ll need a foam board or a large piece of rigid paper, duct tape or paper glue and a handful of photos, postcards, drawings, sketches, letters and small objects of emotional value to you. Organize the visual elements after your own taste and preference, tape or glue the colorful details to your future wall art panel and once done, hang your wall art piece on a blank wall in your living room.

Add Some Style To A Dull Living Room, cushions

Pillows and cushions galore: Snug, comfy and homely ambiance

To create an atmosphere of homely comfort, style and warmth, consider adding a bunch of colorful pillows and cushions to your living room. For a well put-together and balanced feel, pick pillows and cushions in similar tones and sizes – or, if you prefer playfulness and randomization, buy lots of different-colored pads and pillows and throw them around your sofas, armchairs and other living room seating elements. If you’re crafty and good at needlework, you can even make the cushions yourself and claim the bragging rights for 100% of the decorative project next time you invite some guests over for a round of drinks.

Ready to add some style to your dull living room? Living room decorative projects are easy, affordable and highly rewarding, so get down to work ASAP and make a room of your dreams come to life!


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