sun room

Building a Sunroom

One of the most exciting things about having a sunroom is the fact that you can not only use it almost any time of year, but it is also a good place to keep delicate plants. For some homeowners, a patio addition that functions much like a porch is the best choice. However, the right home improvement contractor can also help you with a sunroom of any size and scope, even one designed like a larger solarium.

Figure Out Your Needs

No two households will have the same needs for a sunroom, and a good contractor will appreciate these differences. For some, most of the project will consist of adding extra windows to let in more of the sun. For others, the job will include enclosing a porch. The choice will largely depend on your preferences and how you will use the sunroom.

Year-Round Use

Depending on how a porch is enclosed, it may offer three or four-season usage. One of the biggest advantages is giving tropical or other delicate plants a safe refuge from cold temperatures. Another is the opportunity to entertain or spend some quiet time in a bright area of your home when the weather isn’t cooperating.

A Brighter Area

Some people choose to add larger windows to a room inside the house to create a sunroom. An advantage of this option is having true year-round usage. You can also use this space is a nice area for painting or other popular pursuits because of the natural light.

Keeping Your Sunroom Heated and Cooled

When your sunroom is inside the house, it’s easier to keep everything at the right temperature. However, there are good options for both winter heat and summer cool in sunrooms that are enclosed porches. Well-ventilated woodstoves and window air conditioners can work well in these settings.

Maximizing Your Space

You may want to consider separate furniture for your sunroom, as both household furniture and patio furniture may be larger than what you need. A loveseat-size couch, with a couple of chairs, will make a nice addition. Consider having tables or counters for your plants built into the wall for additional space.


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