Feel at Home in Your Rented Apartment with These 9 Tips

Shifting homes every now and then is certainly a hassle, but what’s more discomforting is making oneself home in a rented apartment. If you’ve changed a lot of homes, you probably know the feeling- you really like the house you’ve moved into, but it takes you forever to accept the place as your own.

If it’s time for you to shift again, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some great tips to personalize your new house and make it feel like yours in as little time as possible.


Clean the House

Even if the previous tenants have done a thorough job at cleaning the house, you can’t be too sure. Cleaning up the place will be stressful with all your belongings in the way, so get the job done beforehand.

Make sure you check the house for mold and pests and get rid of infestations. Dust flat surfaces, go over walls and ceilings with a broom, vacuum carpets, and scrub the floors clean. Give the bathroom and kitchen a deep clean as that’s where you’ll find most germs. Don’t forget the windows, upholstered furniture, drapes, wardrobes, and drawers.

Get Rid of Negative Energy

Energies of previous occupants can linger in the house and may affect your mood and energy in different ways. A simple way to disintegrate negative energy is to burn dried sage or sandalwood incense in each room.

Say a short prayer or a positive quote that you like while cleaning the house and you’re sure to feel comfortable instantly.

Establish Some Order

Having all your stuff around in boxes won’t make you feel at home. Unpack some of your stuff and set it in order around the house to help you feel better.

  • Get started with your cutlery and kitchen appliances so you don’t have to rely on outside food.
  • Unpack your toiletries box and set up the bathroom.
  • Unpack your clothes and organize your wardrobe so you can get dressed for work easily. Using accessory hangers like the ones available on OnlyHangers helps keep your trinkets together while also allowing you to see what you have clearly.
  • Get your bed in order so that you can sleep comfortably after a long hard day.

Change the Lights

If the house you’re shifting to has old and dull light fixtures, swap them with your own or buy new ones that you like. You don’t have to spend a lot on light fixtures; use your DIY skills to polish dull metal ones or paint fixtures in colors of your choice to brighten up a room.

Also change glaring light bulbs and replace them with low wattage ones to make the house look welcoming. Personalize the rooms by using ambient and task lighting as per your needs.

And Hardware

Remove old shower-heads, taps, or cabinet handles, and install new ones of your choice to give a personal touch to your new house. Keep the old fittings stashed away so that when you have to move again, you can replace the old ones and take the new ones with you.


Use Colors You Love

If the walls are painted in colors in that don’t appeal to you, paint them as you please. If you’re not allowed to change the paint, consider using removable wall decals or wallpapers to spruce up the place.

Use colorful furniture or area rugs to liven up the rooms painted in neutral colors. Window treatments like valances, blinds, and curtains in different colors and textures can also change the look of a room significantly.

Display Your Knick-Knacks

Once order has been restored, open up your box of display articles, art prints, and photo frames. Displaying your knick-knacks around the house will make the place seem familiar to you.


Grow Some Plants

If your new house has a balcony or terrace garden, try your hand at gardening. Gardening is a relaxing activity and having green plants can make a house look lively. Not to forget the fresh air you’ll get to breathe!

You can also grow herbs and evergreens in little containers and place them on window sills. If you think gardening isn’t your forte, grow some succulents– they need very little care and you can’t go wrong with them!

Make the House Smell Good

Let in fresh air to keep the house well-ventilated and free of odors. Use your favorite scents around the house to put you at ease. Burn incense sticks or candles, or spray air fresheners that have a calming effect on the mind.


Making yourself comfortable in a space that really isn’t your own seems tough. But once you personalize your rented house, you’re sure to feel at home.

With the tips given here, you now know that personalizing a house isn’t tough. So don’t let the thought of moving worry you anymore; do the right things and you’ll turn your rented house into your home in no time!

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