Shopping for Indian Furniture- Things to Know

Furnishing your place can be stressful, especially with the sheer number of decisions that are available. From color schemes to room dimensions, deciding on the best style and combination of factors takes time and reflection on desired use as well as aesthetic appeal.

Choosing wood furniture for your apartment has its many benefits, including its quality and lasting value. Wood furnishings are typically something that will follow you from place to place as they will last years and maintain their original look and charm, even with the everyday wear and tear that life presents.

One type of wood furnishing that has recently been on the uprise in popularity with homeowners is Indian furniture. Having all the benefits of wood furniture, the unique grains and styles of Indian furniture in particular have been attracting shoppers for decades, but have recently become more widely available for purchase both online and in stores.

Read on to learn more about this unique niche of furniture, and the facts that you will want to know in your shopping experience.

Mango Wood Furniture- beautiful and sustainable

Mango Wood is exactly what it sounds like– the wood that comes from mango trees. Since this well-loved fruit has always been in high demand, so too has the planting and cultivating of mango trees. Something slightly less known about this unique wood however, is that once the tree reaches a certain maturity it no longer bears any fruit. While previously these trees had been left to lay waste in the environment (and contributed to harmful emissions in their decomposition) they are now, lucky for us, being cultivated and used for their gorgeous patterns and made into furniture.

The Mango wood is extremely strong, and versatile in its use as it adapts to being cosmetically modified with stains, or even made to look like a different kind of wood. This type of furniture is a great option for shoppers looking for quality wood furniture without the guilt of contributing to deforestation– rest assured these trees are being responsibly sourced.

Sheesham (Rosewood) Furniture- unique and decorative

Sheesham wood, also known as Indian Rosewood, is one of the most popular wood exports of India. Known primarily for its distinct grain patterns and decorative appeal, this wood is also very durable and well-suited to a variety of furniture given its strength and ease of modification. Because of its beautiful texture, Sheesham wood is often used to make instruments like guitars and drums, and in furniture applications is often paired with cast iron moldings to enhance its decorative charm.

Jali Furniture- exotic accents to your home

Shoppers interested in Indian furniture will often come across this term “Jali.” While not so straight-forward, Jali simply refers to a style of furniture typically consisting partially of Sheesham wood. Jali, literally means “net” in Hindi, and this furniture consists of screens or net-like details made from moulded iron or bent wood, that are added to a wooden furnishing. These screens look great on bookcases, room dividers or panelling, but can be equally stylish on bed frames and as accent backings on chairs.

With the growing popularity of Indian furniture it’s good to have a rough idea of what’s on the market before you begin shopping. Use these basic facts to find the Indian wood furnishings that work best in your home, and are so unique that they’ll be sure to add a custom style to any room.



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