How to make wonderful DIY decorations for your child’s room

Keeping your child’s room up to date and looking good can be tricky, given how quickly their tastes can change! Instead of investing a substantial amount of money for something that they’ll want changing in a few months time, why not make DIY decorations? They’re cheaper, easier to swap around and – best of all – your child can help make them! Here we’ve got some of our favourite ideas, plus tips on the best ways to go about making them.

Custom Initials

Something that’s unlikely to change is your child’s name. It’s a safe bet, therefore, that anything involving this will stay in date for years to come. Why not make a custom piece of art focused around their initial? There’s a whole bunch of ways to do this, with something for every age. For toddlers or younger children, you could do something involving finger painting – simply get a stencil of the letter you want, and let them go wild on it! For the slightly older, experiment with collages or things made up of different types of materials – buttons, ribbon and pompoms can all be used to great effect. Finally, for the ones able to manage something a bit more challenging there’s melted crayon art, or nail and string letters. Whatever you choose, it’s something sure to last – and easily updated as well!

DIY decorations for your child’s room

Blackboards Everywhere

Okay, so this one is kind of cheating, but it’s definitely worth it. Blackboard paint can be added to any surface – a desk, a wall, a chair – to make it into a blackboard. Add some chalks, and you’ve got an ongoing, ever-changing piece of decoration to suit whatever your child’s current style is. We’re fans of painting a whole section of wall in this, but if that’s not up your street why not update an old desk with it? You can even add on a chalk holder using some wood and hot glue, just to keep the bedroom as mess-free as possible.

Height Chart

Why not make your very own permanent height chart? Whether it’s painted straight on the wall, made from some re-purposed own wood, or even quilted, a height chart is a great addition to any child’s bedroom. Why not add your own height and even siblings on there too? Try and take regular measurements whenever you notice they’ve grown, and it’ll quickly turn into something to treasure.


No Sew Rugs

Children grow up so fast, and we’re often left with piles of clothes that no longer fit. Rather than throwing them out, why not upcycle them into a cute rug that doesn’t require sewing? Since it’s using your child’s clothes, you know they’ll like the colours and it’s easy enough that they can help out. All you need is a pair of scissors, a stack of old clothes and the time and patience to practice some braiding. So not only do you get a great rug at the end of it, it’ll hopefully keep your child quiet for an afternoon or more.

General Tips

When making DIY décor for a child’s room, there’s a few things you should bear in mind. Firstly, not all materials will be suitable for use. Whilst many tutorials mention using pallets, this should be done with caution – they’re often filled with splinters and have been used to transport a variety of toxic things. While it is possible to use pallet wood safely, it can involve a lot of work, so make sure you know what you’re doing. Generally, this applies to most recycled materials – make sure you clean and potentially even sterilise them before use. With young children in particular, you’ll want to ensure that the materials you use aren’t likely to splinter or contain small pieces – the easier it is to put in their mouth, the more likely they are to actually try and eat it.

Other than this, we recommend trying to do interesting things with furniture that you need to have in there – whether it’s a desk, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers. If you can involve these in your DIY projects then you’ll need less space and also give them a much longer life. After all, a fresh coat of paint and a day spent building a collage is easy, cheap and great fun to do as a project together.
By Alfred Stallion and!


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