Modernize Your Kitchen

Simple Steps to Instantly Modernize Your Kitchen


Has your kitchen started looking tired and dated? Are the appliances older than you are? If so, you may want to consider modernizing it. Making your kitchen look brand new and in-sync with the 21st century doesn’t have to be rocket science because there are some simple steps you can follow to achieve this fast.

In this post, we discuss a few aspects of your kitchen to focus on, which will help you update your kitchen’s look without breaking the bank. A mix of creativity and good planning form the basis of the following simple steps aimed at modernizing your kitchen.

Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

One of the fastest ways to modernize and improve a worn-out kitchen is to paint the cabinets in that space. Choose a color that matches the other elements of the kitchen such as the island or walls.

A great way to make your kitchen look fresh and modern is to paint all the cupboards white because this is a minimalistic and modern shade that will suit any kitchen. White cabinets also make your kitchen look larger by bringing light into the space.

If you opt for other shades, then you can match either the upper and the lower cabinets or the upper cabinets and the island in the centre of the kitchen. If you choose the latter, then paint the lower cabinet in a different shade. This will give more depth to your kitchen than choosing a single shade for all elements of the area.

Dimmable Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of any modern kitchen. Adding a dimmer to your lights will give the kitchen a modern feel because you get to decide what mood to set in the kitchen. When you have company, you can dim the lights while enjoying a glass of wine as your food cooks. On the other hand, when you are preparing food and chopping ingredients, for example, you can have the lights as bright as you want.

Another way to give the kitchen a modern look is to install lights inside the open cabinets. This will give the room a glow and will put a mini-spotlight on any show pieces that you may have put in them. You can also install lights at the bottom of the lower cabinets. Extra lighting will brighten up the space and make the kitchen look bigger and more cheerful.

Smoked Glass Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are looking less-than-desirable, but functioning perfectly, then instead of wasting money on replacing them with brand new ones, try re-facing them instead. Specifically, try inserting smoked glass on the doors of the cabinets to give them a beautiful modern finish. This will look especially chic and modern if you have lighting inside the cabinet. If you don’t want smoked glass, then clear glass is also a great option.

One option is to have smoked glass on the cabinets with everyday items, and have clear glass for the cabinet with show pieces such as vintage china or crockery you may have received on your wedding.


Updating the handles on all the cabinets and even the kitchen door will help to give your kitchen a modern look. Try opting for simple, clean lines, such as a simple vertical or horizontal handles. More ornate knobs are associated with the types of kitchens that existed in the 20th century.


Apart from protecting your kitchen wall from spills and backsplash from other liquids, a backsplash is a great way to make a statement. Although tile backsplashes are the most commonly used options, a few modern backsplashes that have become popular are marble mixed with beautiful wall paper like the one seen below. It is the perfect mix of classic tastes and art.

Another great option is a wallpaper backsplash in a vibrant design. A black and white version will have a powerful impact. Modifying the backsplash to suit your personal style will help to make this item a part of a truly modern kitchen.

Rolling Shelves

Inserting a few rolling shelves at the bottom half of your kitchen cabinets will make it easier to reach for items, while giving your kitchen an instant face lift. These are also easy to clean and don’t cost much to install.

Wallpaper Cabinets

An instant way to modernize and add plenty of personality to your kitchen is to add adhesive backing, i.e. wallpaper that can be stuck on to the back of your kitchen cabinets. It is also possible to create your own design. They look much prettier than plain and outdated wallpaper or even worse, old wall paint.

If the rest of your kitchen is painted in a muted shade, adding a bright backing to the cabinets will make the entire area light up. Make sure you pick a theme for all the cabinets and avoid having too many colors or patterns in every cabinet because this will make the entire space look chaotic.


By giving a bit of thought to the above aspects of your kitchen, it will become easy to modernize the area instantly. Improving your kitchen doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of time and money on buying accessories or useless gadgets. Refurbishing the existing space to suit your unique taste will help breathe fresh life into your kitchen.

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