Some of the Amazing Luxury Facilities Found in the World’s Best Homes

Everybody has a picture in their head of their dream home. It may be a Californian coastal mansion, or a log cabin in the fjords of Norway. Everybody has their own ideas of what the perfect home is. The world of real estate is constantly evolving, and where a dream home used to simply be a big home, people are now looking for far more. People want to have luxury homes personalized to their own specific needs. They want amazing features that were unheard of in a person’s home just a few decades ago. So how do the other half live? What do people who can actually buy – or build – their dream home put in them?

Dine-in Wine Cellars

Wine cellars have been features of luxury homes for hundreds of years. Now, however, the rich and famous want something new. Today, people want to have dine-in wine cellars, which basically means they can entertain, dine and have wine tasting parties surrounded by their many bottles of expensive wines. This isn’t as easy as simply putting up a table in a wine cellar, however, because climate control is vital to keep wine good and that climate is often not overly comfortable for a wining and dining experience. Plus, there has to be a bit of ambiance, which means lighting and fixtures and fittings also have to be arranged properly.

Underground Parking

While people invest thousands upon thousands in their vehicle, they are now also investing thousands in keeping them hidden away. No longer do they want a garage with a drive on which to park their vehicle. Rather, they want to have underground parking, which gives a more modern touch. Preferably, they will also have an elevator, reminiscent of the old service elevators for staff, through which they can ascend to their living area. Naturally, these parking areas have to be totally modern with remote control entrance and high tech security.

Wet Rooms

Now that the car is away and dinner with wine is ready, people also want to be able to enjoy the art of bathing. A lot of people, therefore, are creating entire wet rooms, many of which will also include a traditional sauna. Essentially, they are trying to transform their bathroom into an ancient Roman or Turkish bath, but updated to fit with modern standards. These spaces have various shower heads, benches to sit down on, steam features, beautiful LED lighting, music in the background, essential oils aromatherapy and more.

Here is the really cool part: you don’t have to be filthy rich to have all of these things done. Why not put up some wine bottles in your own cellar, attach some mood lighting and put a nice dining table down there? Why not buy a sauna kit and transform your own bathroom into something fantastic? And underground parking may be a little bit more difficult, but there are always other options to think about as well.


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