The Top Kitchen Design and Layout Errors You should Avoid

You probably already know that your kitchen’s design should be practical and efficient, and it should allow you to work in the best possible way – whether you’re cooking, prepping vegetables and other ingredients, or making your grocery list. But when you’re planning to design your kitchen, there are some crucial mistakes to avoid. Your kitchen design matters, and knowing what these mistakes are can mean the difference between a great and efficient kitchen and a kitchen that you’d soon regret. Here’s a look at the top kitchen design and layout errors you should avoid.

Blocking the all-important kitchen triangle

The experts in kitchens in Sussex and the surrounding areas like HKS would tell you that the hob or stove, the kitchen sink, and the refrigerator make up the essential kitchen triangle, which is the area where you do your most important tasks. Of these three things, the kitchen sink will probably be used the most, so it should be ideally located near the hob and refrigerator along with your worktop or workstation. Of course, your kitchen sink has to be near the plumbing as well; if this isn’t the case, it would be a good idea to hire a plumber who can relocate the pipe work so you have the best place for your sink. The kitchen triangle shouldn’t be too large or too small, either – ideally, you should have an area between 3 metres and 8 metres, and no greater.

Not thinking of proper storage space

The fact is that any kitchen, big or small, contains a lot of things. What’s more, many items have awkward shapes and may require plenty of space (such as stand mixers and food blenders). It’s important to find a place for your kitchen appliances whilst keeping them accessible – and this can be a challenge. What you can do is install upper shelves or cabinetry that are extra long, or install cupboards on the space above your refrigerator. The key is to maximise the space so you have additional storage whilst keeping your kitchen attractive and functional.

Forgetting the importance of a good worktop

Another crucial mistake when it comes to kitchen design and layout is forgetting the importance of a good worktop. You need a proper worktop space, a space where you can comfortably perform your kitchen tasks. You would want to fit in as big a horizontal space or area as possible; one of the best ways to do this would be to install a kitchen island, or if you have a small kitchen, you can install a breakfast bar instead.

At the end of the day, your kitchen should serve as a place for meal preparation and other important activities – and by avoiding some common errors, you can make it the ideal kitchen you’ve always wanted.


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