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Garden Tools Checklist

There comes a time when an adult person (usually male) hears a call from nature to get back to our human roots and start growing plants or vegetables. When that moment comes, you have to be ready and equipped with all the tools that might be necessary for efficient gardening.

Watering items

No garden can be successfully maintained without proper watering tools. Here are some that every home owner must have.

  • Hose

From vinyl to rubber hoses, you should choose the material that will last longer and provide the best watering features. If a hose has to be carried around, then a rubber hose is a better option, thanks to its higher kink resistance. Also, if you have several spigots in the yard/garden, get the same number of hoses, as well.

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  • Water breaker

An inevitable part of every gardener’s kit is a water breaker. The water that comes out of the hose should be equally distributed throughout the garden area. With the use of a water breaker you avoid making ponds and ensure that every plant receives enough water.

  • Sprinklers

Many modern people find it difficult to adapt to all the duties that come with having a garden. So, in order to get through the adaptation period, getting a sprinkler is the right thing. As you get used to regular watering routine, you can combine the sprinkler(s) and the water breaker-assisted garden watering.

Hand-held tools

In some areas of the garden you have to use subtler tools that will allow you to come as close to different plant parts as necessary.

  • Hand prunes

Since pruning is one of the basic plant-related activities, every gardener-to-be has to add a pair of hand prunes to their garden toolbox. They are handy (pun intended) for cutting thinner branches (especially the secluded ones), as well as larger flowers.

  • Gloves

Nothing is more useful in terms of use of hands in the garden than a pair of quality garden gloves. For lighter works, such as raking and collecting leaves or removing thorny plants use cotton gloves coated with latex (anti-thorn quality) and for heavier works you are supposed to have leather gloves to protect your hands.

Digging equipment

A garden can never be maintained without adequate digging equipment and we have picked a few essential digging tools for you.

  • Shovel

A gardener without a shovel is like a doctor without a stethoscope. It doesn’t serve only as a multi-purpose device but also as a symbol of all the gardening works.

  • Rakes

Whenever you want to collect the leaves or level the soil for seeding grass or planting, you have to use rakes. Both bow rake and a leaf rake should find their place in your garden shed, since they make both the heavy and fine works much easier.

Garden-friendly pumps

Gardens cannot survive without regular watering treatments, but too much water can ruin them. That is why every home needs to have pumps, in case of emergency or regular maintenance.

  • Sump pumps

Living in a wetter climate can have an incredibly beneficial effect on plants, but sooner or later there will be too much rain that your garden can handle. But if you have a sump pump, you will be able to solve the situation in no time.

  • Sprayer pumps

Unlike sump pumps, you should use quality sprayer pumps to give an additional value to your garden. For instance, if you want to launch and anti-weed campaign, these pumps are great for treating the weed with chemicals.

Nothing practical can be done without proper tools. Those who want to prepare well for their plants, trees and soil will get all these items on time and enjoy the soothing effect of gardening.

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