Get great designs in stamped concrete walkways

Concrete has become a very popular material for making walkways because it is so versatile. It can be textured and colored to mimic tile, brick, natural stone and more. You can personalize a concrete walkway to suit your tastes and your home. Decorative walkways are also an artistic expression for many installers instead of just getting from point A to B. For getting some great Abbotsford stamped concrete you can contact a Stamped concrete Abbotsford contractor and get a quote from them.


A Straight path:

A straight design will provide the visitors with a formal entry that will lead them right to the front door. This straight path can be designed with straight lines and geometric shapes. It helps in giving a clean and formal entry into a modern home.

A curved path:

A curved concrete pathway will give an organic and informal entry to the home. The large sweeping curve will allow visitors to be guided through the front yard landscaping and it will give them a chance for getting a good look at your home. The walkway can be bordered with trees and shrubs to extenuate the curve.

Colored Concrete:
The dull grey concrete can be transformed to almost any color imaginable by helps of concrete dying and staining products according to the style of the house and your personal tastes. There are limitless color options available through integral colors or stains.

Stamped Concrete:
Stamping concrete will help in transforming a slab of concrete to resemble pavers or natural stone. There are many stamped or saw-cut textures and designs available. It will help in looking like stone, wood etc.

Decorative Borders:
When you add a decorative border to the concrete walkway, it will change its look from an average slab to the one of a kind path. Many materials are used for a border like stone, slate, wood, flagstone etc. you may also see a concrete border but it’s stained or stamped for adding variation and interest.

Exposed Aggregate:
by using an exposed aggregate, it will feel like you are actually walking on gravel but it’s really just a textured and mixed colored surface which does not move beneath your feet. The Exposed aggregate is a mixture of shades and the tones of gray and it is broken up by using bands of a running bond brick pattern. This interesting pattern makes the home curb appealing.

Contemporary walkways:

For making a contemporary walkway, concrete may be poured in to oversized pavers. This will create the look of huge stepping stones. Normally shapes like circles or rectangles are used for creating bold geometric patterns. The spaces present between the concrete pavers may be seeded with grass or have a low ground cover for bringing color and life to the walkway.



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