How To Find Melbourne Area Land For Under $200,000

It may seem a challenge to find good land in the Melbourne area for less than $200,000 – but it can be done. We’ve turned up a surprisingly wide range of home and land packages for that kind of budget. You may have to accept some compromises, such as a lengthy commute, but the financial benefits are considerable.

1. Under $100,000

Even in today’s overheated market, there is land on the market for five-figure sums. For example, the 42-site The Woods development in Mickleham, around 30 km to the north of Melbourne, offers blocks of 213 sq m and up – with 8.5 m frontages – for a minimum of $95,000. Market demand is the key factor: six such blocks have already been sold, and more sales are likely. In the first few weeks since its launch weekend, Hollington Release has sold about one-quarter of its offering.

An alternative spot at roughly the same price is Eynesbury, about the same distance from Melbourne but to the west. In terms of price per square metre, this is a notably attractive offer, with $99,000 getting you a full 290 sq m. Act fast, though, since only a few lots are still available.

2. $130,000 to $150,000

Once you move into this price bracket, you’ll find a much wider range of land available. You can take your pick from more conveniently located developments, such as the Belle Meade Estate in Wyndham Vale. For your $139,000, you’ll get a 315 sq m block within 30 km of southwest Melbourne and with Weribee train station close by. There’s also the very similar Amberlea Estate in Pakenham, although you should bear in mind the 50 km freeway commute you’ll be committing to.

Slightly closer, around 40 km from the centre of Melbourne, is Beveridge’s Mandalay Estate, where you can acquire a 315 sq m parcel of land for $149,000. This has easy access to the suburbs of Wallan and Cragieburn, as well as being close by the Hume Highway. For those who don’t feel like commuting more than 30 km to work each day, the Panorama Estate may be an option. It’s easy to find discounted land in this Doreen development, bringing a 416 sq m lot into the $140,000 price bracket.

3. $190,000 to $200,000

Once you move up to this price level, you can consider a very wide range of home and land packages in Melbourne and its surrounding districts. For example, for $190,000 it’s possible to get hold of a sought-after spot in the Cedar Woods development in Williams Landing. At just 20 km from the city’s central area, this offers a considerably shorter commute than some of the other options covered here. The suburb was only approved in 2007, but has grown strongly ever since.

Although rather more distant at 40 km to the southwest of central Melbourne, Berwick is a consistently popular place to build and live. You can get your foot in the door with $195,000, which will bring you a 350 sq m block of land in the 87-lot Orchard Rise complex. As well as housing, this estate has been planned to incorporate almost two hectares of recreational and parks facilities.

4. Land away from large developments

If you prefer, it’s also possible to acquire parcels of land which are being sold by individuals, rather than as part of larger developments. For around $120,000, you can grab a place in Chirnside Park, near Lilydale – remarkable value when you consider that it’s 495 sq m in size. This area lies 30 km from Melbourne, making daily commuting a reasonable proposition.

A little further out there’s Cranbourne, where a 250 sq m block already approved for a three-bedroom, two-floor house will set you back the same price. If your needs are more modest, a 212 sq m plot in Melton, with planning approval for a two-bedroom dwelling, is available for just $105,000, although bear in mind that you’ll be a full 40 km west of Melbourne itself.


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