How to Turn Your Dull Backyard into Summertime Fun for Your Kids

Being outside in the sunshine and fresh air is healthy for everyone, but kids especially benefit from a few minutes of outdoor fun. The summertime is prime time for lots of outside entertainment, so spruce up your dull backyard to entice your kiddos to put their tablets down and play outside.

Stick to Summertime Classics

Summertime classics would be games and a traditional playground. Swings, slides, and monkey bars used to be enough to entertain youngsters, so stick with those classics at first. Invest in a weather-proof wooden playground, but make sure you dig holes for the beams to avoid tipping and other accidents. Throw in a sandbox and a picnic table in the shade and you have the perfect play place for your kids and their friends for the summer.

Grab the Hose and Make Your Own Slip and Slide!

Slip and slides were tons of fun in the 90s, and you can make your own. Spread a clean tarp on a clear spot of your backyard lawn, then add a hose to a sprinkler so that water is directly spraying across the tarp. Or, just hold the hose while your kiddos take running starts to slip, slide, and stumble in a game that combats the sweltering summertime heat.

Hammocks, Hammocks Everywhere.

Shade is a must-have to give kids reprieve from the summertime heat. Snag a few hammocks and string them up across the shade trees in your yard. This is also a great way to encourage your youngster to lounge outdoors with a cold drink and a good book on a nice day.

Note: If your backyard is mostly bare of trees, put down some sturdy poles and a light sheet for a DIY shade space that easily accommodates a few bean bags and your summer-loving kiddos.

Go with a DIY Clubhouse

Clubhouses are super-popular summertime favorites for kids of all ages. These DIY builds give youngsters some privacy and their own outdoor spaces to relax and have fun with friends or solo. Use weather-proofed, recycled wood to build a project shell, then find a how-to on constructing a fun, safe clubhouse for your little ones this summer. For organizing their outdoor toys, install one of dozens of garage storage cabinet systems in their clubhouse.


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