Pool in Your Garden

Would You Like a Pool in Your Garden? Here Are some Ideas

More and more people would like to have a pool in their garden. This is why custom pools NJ businesses are becoming so popular. These companies will also help you to come up with some fantastic designs. However, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t already think of some ideas first.

The Shape and Size

When you custom design a pool, the only limitations for size and shape are your imagination and how much space you have in your property. Because it is a custom pool, it can be created in awkward gardens as well, for instance those that have slight elevations. You can also decide on the material, such as fiberglass pools or pools with a metal framework mixed with concrete.

The Interior Finish

You have to think about the interior finish of your pool, as this will determine how it will look once completed seroquel medication. You could choose colored concrete, for instance, mixed with a few beautiful glass tiles. This allows you to really make your pool match with the landscape that surrounds it. Glass tiles in particular come in all types of designs and colors. Plus, if you have a good designer, you can also have creations such as sea creatures depicted, or entire rainbows or even various geometric patterns. You can also dye concrete in any color that you like, allowing for the creation of beautiful mosaics. Alternatively, you can choose concrete stamping, which means you can also work on the different textures.

The Color

Once upon a time, pools were blue on the inside and had white surrounding them. Now, however, you can add all types of hues that allow it to become a true integral part of the surrounding architecture. You can even make it match the flooring in your home or your outdoor decking, for instance. A good designer will use color theory, which means they can really make the pool stand out. For instance, red travertine tiles can be used if the pool has to be a focal point. If you want it to blend more with a darker garden, you could use black granite rims. And, naturally, you can also use a variety of lights to create beautiful effects in the dark.

Water Features

A custom pool can also come with a range of different water features. Why not add a rock waterfall to create an air of tropical rainforest? If you do have a waterfall installed, the water will flow into the pool from an elevation and this creates a beautiful effect. You can also use a sconce, which is a wall mounted item that makes water flow downwards. Other effects include fountain bubblers and foam jets. These make the water shoot upwards. Or choose a deck jet so that water is squirted into the pool from the deck. Then, there are laminar jets, which create stunning arcs, particularly if you light them up with LED lights. The possibilities truly are endless!

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