Brighten Up Your Pathways


Use the sun to light up your home! The Fiesta Color Changing Solar Path Light is not only fun and hip to today’s sustainable design trends, but it also embraces GREENCulture’s principle of maintaining an environmentally enlightened household. These playful pathway lights turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn with the help of a little thing called solar energy, which uses radiation from the sun to generate power. This source of energy is renewable, pollution free, and used as an alternative to the fossil fuels that currently pollute our planet.


This unique alternative to electric porch lights provides up to 8 hours of light after dusk and easily installs without complicated wiring. LED lights, which are environmentally beneficial as they are four times more efficient than regular incandescent bulbs, last ten times longer, and use about 50 to 80 percent less energy*, are included. Using these eco-friendly bulbs helps keep carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere, as well as sulfur oxide and nuclear waste. Also, don’t worry about these little guys getting wet because they are water and corrosion resistant.

Add a little spice to your pathways with these vibrant and cheerful lights that not only enliven your living space, but also help maintain a clean environment.


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