8 Tips to Move to A New House the Easy Way!

Moving home is chaotic: having to pack your whole life in boxes and then take them to another house where you will have to take them out of the boxes and reorganise them all as best as possible.

So that the unpacking is easier for you and you can give yourself a well-deserved rest at night, here are 8 really useful tips:

  1. What is going?

Before moving from one house to another, ask yourself about everything you are packing. Do you really need it, do you use it, do you like it? If there is something you have not used or removed from your closet in 6 months, do not take it!

  1. Inventory

One of the best tips is to mark each box that you pack and bring a list of each and every one of the things that you are going to load, both to the moving truck and to the cars that you are using. Everything that comes out of your house should be on the list and make sure everything on that list actually arrives in your new home.

  1. Priorities

Each person moves differently, some do everything in a single day and others take it little by little. Whatever your method, separate the boxes and bags according to what you are going to need, remember to take bathroom things and personal and valuable items with you, and everything you will need for the first night in your new home.

  1. Focus on a space

When you are unpacking do it room by room. That is, first remove and arrange everything in the kitchen, then the living room and so on, so little by little each space takes shape and you feel less overwhelmed. If you take everything out at once and then try to organise it, you will feel overwhelmed with so much stuff around you.

  1. Pending list

As you have your inventory, make a list of pending things for the new house. This will help you organise your ideas regarding things that still need doing, especially if you include priorities: call the locksmith, the gardener, change a lamp, paint a room, etc.

  1. Do not buy things

We know that a new space needs new objects and decorations but do not buy anything impulsively. Wait until you unpack everything you already have before investing in something new.

  1. Throw away (or recycle) the boxes

Once you have unpacked all the things from the boxes, throw them away or drop them off at the local recycling point. Nothing is as burdensome as having garbage accumulating in your new space.

  1. Ask for help

The day of the move is much less stressful and much more fun if you are accompanied by your friends or your cousins ​​or people who make you laugh. Whether you are hiring professional movers or simply a man and van in Cheltenham to do the heavy loading and unloading of your things, ask for help from your family and friends for unpacking and invite them for a few beers at the end of the day, it will be much less exhausting.


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