A Few Important Secrets to Help You Find the Best DC Movers

If you want to hire a moving company, you will need to think about how to find the best company out there for your needs. Luckily, by spending a little bit of time doing your research, finding the best DC movers shouldn’t be too difficult. Here are a few secrets that will help you in your search.

Secret 1 – Referrals

You should only choose companies that are recommended by others. It is highly likely that you personally know someone who has recently moved and you could ask them about their experiences. Alternatively, there is social media, as well as business referral pages such as Yelp and the Better Business Bureau.

Secret 2 – Licensing

Moving companies have to be properly licensed and insured. This is particularly important if you are moving across state lines, or even if you cross state lines only to return to the same state. You should also look into their insurance details. Furthermore, looking up a financial report of the company can be very helpful in terms of finding out whether they are financially stable.

Secret 3 – Closer Investigation

Finding companies that are properly licensed and insured and that come recommended by business review pages shouldn’t be too difficult. In fact, you will probably still be left with well over 20 results. Hence, you need to delve a little bit deeper into specific experiences that other people have had. The Protect Your Move program by the Department of Transportation is a very useful resource for this.

Secret 4 – Get a Quote

Hopefully, you will now have been able to reduce your list to about five different companies. Ask each of these to come see you to provide you a free, no obligation quotation. This must be done in-house, as that is the only opportunity for the company to understand your specific needs and give you an accurate quotation.

Secret 5 – Look at Prices

We seem to have been conditioned nowadays to always choose the cheapest option we can find. This is not a good idea. What you should be looking for is the best value for money. Perhaps one moving company is really cheap, but they don’t provide you with a service such as empty boxes or helping you carry your belongings in an out of the truck. Make sure you look at which quote best suits your needs and which one offers you the best price compared to that.

Rogue Traders

Finally, you have to be weary of rogue traders. The Department of Transportation has stated that some obvious signs include:

  • Not agreeing to give you an at home quotation.
  • Demand large cash deposits before starting the move.
  • Not giving you a copy of ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move’.
  • No address details being provided on the website.
  • Stating all goods are insured.
  • When you telephone them, they don’t use their company name to answer the phone but simple say ‘movers’ or ‘moving company’ instead.


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