Removal boxes… the best performer when moving house

Moving House is one of the most stressful life events that man can partake in, it is said.

However, with the right materials and a clear plan of action, moving house can be fewer traumas and more effect.

How can you achieve this? Follow these seven pragmatic steps and you’ll be on your way to moving house heaven.

Step One: Research –Moving house is all about transporting goods from one point to another, so help yourself by investing in some high quality moving house boxes. A quick scout on the internet will reveal boxes that are made from different materials, such as corrugated cardboard, and those that come in different sizes and strengths, for example, ‘double wall’. Boxes can usually be bought as part of a set with a mixture of box sizes. The retailer may also use descriptors such as ‘moving set for three bed house’ or similar. You will find that storage companies also sell them, as well as stationary shops and the usual online market places. ‘Kits’ come with brown tape, a marker pen and other goodies that make moving house a doddle.

Step Two: Calculate – When planning your move you need to ask yourself, ‘how many boxes do I need?’ It’s best to have more than less. Calculate what you need and then add about five more boxes as you may come across small items on moving day that you forgot existed. Bear in mind that small items such as books may be very heavy. Unless you have a trolley or have a few hands on deck to help you, you may find you cannot lift a fully loaded box and may have to half fill it. So buy a few extra just in case.

Step Three: Assign – Once you’ve purchased your boxes you need to decide what boxes will be used for which items or to clear which rooms. When packing, label your boxes with generic tags to help you quickly identify what’s inside, such as ‘kitchen’. This will save you time later when unpacking.

Step Four: Compile – By this I mean go through every room in your house and begin to make piles of ‘keep, throw, and give away’ items. Remember also to keep aside a few things that you will need on moving house day. For instance, if you use hair straighteners or an electric shaver everyday then perhaps keep these in a small travel bag until moving day.

Step Five: Assemble – The surprising thing about moving house boxes is that they come flat packed! This shouldn’t be surprising really. It should be obvious. After all, how would Royal Mail or any other carriers deliver ten large double wall boxes? Usually when boxes are delivered they have goods inside them and so we start to think all boxes arrive in this way. But they do not. They have to be assembled, which can be laborious and time consuming. However, once taped together you form the basis of your main strategy…see Step Six.

Step Six: Strategise –Moving house is like a game of chess as you will have to strategise where you put your moving boxes once they are full. For example, you do not want to put a box of plates and other fragile items beneath a heavy box containing let’s say, home entertainment equipment in a moving vehicle. That said you will also need to consider where you will be unloading and how you will locate particular items if needed. Therefore a plan of how you load your car or van is advisable.

Step Seven: Organise –Now that packing is underway with a good set of boxes, all you need to do now is figure out who will help you move. Be it a ‘man with a van’, family, friend, or go it alone, plan your journey and the number of trips it will take you. And remember if either location has stairs at least your boxes can be packed and stacked!

Then all that’s left to do when you’re moving house is to move house! Good luck!


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