What to do better at the moving day

When everything is prepared and packed for the move, and when you`re waiting for the arrival of the moving van – there is always something else that you can do in the meantime. Next are some of these tips and tricks, and a few more advices on what to do better, which could help enjoy a much better moving day.

The first and most important thing is to sort and de-clutter everything justly. Get rid of the useful objects, which will one save space when packing and preparing your belongings, and two – it will reduce the number of the tasks at the moving day. A great tip is to start de-cluttering at least a week before the moving day, so you can easily put off aside the useless objects as a disposal of waste. Next, make sure to hire the perfect company and do it quite in advance too. Select the perfect size of the moving van if hiring only a van or ask the professional moving agent for a recommendation according to your expectations. Start packing and preparing your belongings as earlier as possible, because at the moving day everything should be prepared and ready for the relocation, and yet there may be plenty of things that you could do better. For example:

What to do for time saving

– Spread out tasks to all the family members. Everyone can do something and thus you will have more time to supervise the activities.

– Make a small special box with sandwiches for the trip and while waiting for the movers. Give sandwiches to the kids during the most overwhelming moments, which will reduce the hustle and bustle.

– Check and double-check your moving checklist. Go through every item and ensure that it is in the right box. This is the best way to ensure a better and quick orientation among the hundreds of items in your checklist when loading/unloading the van.

– Make a plan of the road, a road map or so. Choose an extra route to the new house for just in case. Ensure that the GPS of the van is working properly. Assign the preferred stops and rest stops along the route if moving at a quite long distance.

– Use furniture slides. They are small or large textile pieces that go underneath the biggest and heaviest objects like furniture, dismantled furniture or even whole boxes with dozens of heavy items.

What to do for money saving

Check out when is the last moment for canceling the removal services without paying extra fees. It is good to know this detail for just in case.

Use a removal company that offers money return for unused boxes.

Rent a van with the optimal capacity/volume/specs, according to the same of your belongings.

Call friends to provide some assistance when it comes to heavy lifting and when doing everything by yourself, instead of hiring a big crew of house movers.

What to do for efforts saving

– Ensure a full and easy access for the packing team. Inspect the route to the front door for any imperfections like dirt, branches, etc.

– Try to avoid stairs and extra distance, so place the boxes in the nearest place to the front door or to the parking lot.

– Label every box and check out the labels for easier orientation.

– Make everything more comfortable for moving. Lower the gravity point of the boxes and center the weight of the moving van. Use wrappings to enhance the cleanliness.

– Supply your friends and helpers with gloves for heavy lifting and loading.

– Make a quick tour around the house with the team of packers to see the true scale and size of that they should handle with.


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