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The True Meaning of Recycling

Remember floppy disks?  Come on, of course you do!  Considered obsolete for a number of years now, they are proving technology hipsters wrong by coming back in pencil-holder form.  They might be useless for storing large amounts of data, but they can still perform the basic function of standing upright and creating a small enclosure. 

13 Apr 2014

Balloon Power

Due to increased concerns over our environmental state of affairs, our crippling dependency on oil, and the encouraged progression and commercialization of renewable energy sources, new technological advancements have been made, to address the issues we all now face. We’ve managed to innovatively cultivate and successfully harness a variety of alternative energy sources from natural

13 Mar 2014

Energy Star Program

For those of you that don’t know what The Energy Star Program is about, I’ve gathered a bit of information for you to read through. To start with, the program was formed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency; in the early 90’s. The Energy Star Program was set into motion to encourage energy conservation

23 Feb 2014
History of Chandeliers

History of Chandeliers

Although earlier forms of candle making was something that was successfully honed and utilized by primitive man as well as by other countries, such as Japan, Egypt, India, and China, modern candle making (what we currently know it as) officially started around the 13th century. The 13th and 14th centuries were turbulent times of widespread

11 Feb 2014

Project Mayhem goes Green: The Climate Project

For those who thought that Planet Starbucks,   and the Microsoft Galaxy were the only plausible solutions for humanity’s salvation,  fear not;  The Climate Project has arrived! The Climate Project trains a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life, age groups, backgrounds and geographical regions. Already over 1,000 people in America have been trained and are

09 Jan 2014
energy star

Solar Flares from the “Energy Star”

The Energy Star is instantly recognizable to those with computer savvy.  However the Star logo doesn’t just apply to PC monitors,   hardware, and laptops,   it is incorporated into household lighting technology as well.  The ENERGY STAR program was created in 1992 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to reduce energy consumption and

13 Dec 2013

Shopping for Chandeliers

Chandeliers can be interesting choices for lighting and what better way to add personality and luminosity into your home than with a chandelier? And, like furniture, many styles are available to suit your lighting and decorative needs. For instance, the Pageant 7-Light Chandelier found on maria4home.com evokes a traditional sense of style with its bronze finished,

23 Nov 2013

Cleaning Your Lamp Shade

Lamps shades can collect quite a bit of filth and grime, from time to time. Majority of the time, it is due to neglect. The task of cleaning is too easily overlooked or readily forgotten. I remember my mother taking all of our dusty dirty lamps out of the house and shoving them into our

13 Oct 2013
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