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Decorating home Halloween Party

Top 5 House Decorating Tips for a Whimsical Halloween Party

Can you feel the spookiness in the air? It’s that time of the year again when you can cavort in a goblin or a demon costume and gorge on Halloween candy. Also, how can one forget the thrill of being in haunted houses – ordinary homes transformed into mysterious, blood-curdling abodes? That’s one of the

30 Oct 2015

Some of the Amazing Luxury Facilities Found in the World’s Best Homes

Everybody has a picture in their head of their dream home. It may be a Californian coastal mansion, or a log cabin in the fjords of Norway. Everybody has their own ideas of what the perfect home is. The world of real estate is constantly evolving, and where a dream home used to simply be

28 Oct 2015

Simple Ideas to Improve Your Home Storage

Newly build homes are definitely getting smaller than what we are used to. However, even in the largest of homes, we have a common complaint: there is never enough storage space! Once upon a time, we allowed ourselves a single ‘mess drawer’ in our kitchen. Now, we have multiple drawers, a cupboard under the stairs,

28 Oct 2015

All You Ever Wanted to Know about Copper Nails

If you go to any DIY or hardware store, you will inevitably come across the aisle with nails and, in it, you will find copper nails. If you are like most other people, you will walk straight past these, perhaps wondering if someone ever buys them. Indeed, they are not the most popular nail on

28 Oct 2015

How To Find Melbourne Area Land For Under $200,000

It may seem a challenge to find good land in the Melbourne area for less than $200,000 – but it can be done. We’ve turned up a surprisingly wide range of home and land packages for that kind of budget. You may have to accept some compromises, such as a lengthy commute, but the financial

27 Oct 2015

What You Should Know If You Have Electric Heating in Your Home

Is your home heated by an electric heating system? Electric heaters are commonly found in many flats, rented homes or other properties that do not have a connection to the gas mains. Electric heating systems usually use a water storage cylinder that has an immersion heater. So what should you know if your home has

20 Oct 2015

Long- Or Short-Term A Self Storage Unit Is For You

If you need a place for your excess belongings to be stored, forget about your basement or garage. Like any place in the GTA, your Markham home is under threat of flash floods that can hit your home and ruin your property. These rooms are also subject to fluctuating temperatures and humidity that can damage

15 Oct 2015

How to Fix Holes in your Vinyl Siding

While plastic vinyl siding is much more cost-effective, energy-saving, and lasts longer than un-treated wood siding, it can be a little trickier to fix. Here are some tips on how to fix holes in vinyl siding. Image by vinylindustries via FlickrVinyl siding, or vinyl cladding as it is also called, looks great on a house

13 Oct 2015

Packing Tips for Storing Fragile Artwork and Other Pieces

Moving can be stressful and sometimes you need a little help. To make it easier, consider, renting a self-storage unit, where you can keep artwork and items you don’t need right away. Image by William Greenbaum via FlickrAre you preparing to move soon but the thought of moving the entire contents of your house seems

07 Oct 2015

The Benefits of Having Your Attic Fully Insulated

It is impossible to go anywhere nowadays and not see information about insulation. There is attic insulation, wall insulation, floor insulation, commercial insulation, residential insulation and more. Most people understand to some degree that insulation is designed to help you keep your home warm, but they don’t really understand exactly how this works and why

29 Sep 2015
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