How to Fetch a Better Price When Buying a House

It may seem like a romantic, life-changing thing to move to a new home, but it is not all just pomp and circumstance when you have to roll up your sleeves in order to find a suitable place for you and your family. The market of all business niches is relentless and scanning for houses is not exempt from this fierce competition. Challenges will lie ahead. It is a business like any other, so if you want to fetch a better price when buying your own humble abode, you have to learn some facts before striking a bargain.


Making a decision in a timely manner

Naturally, you will focus on purchasing a property that suits your needs, that has access to the school districts and all other amenities that correlate with your desires. However, considering that your goal is to also leave some money in your wallet and it is highly likely that the interest rates will rise this year as well as house prices, it is best that you make your move quickly. The longer it takes you to make a decision, the more it will cost you. This is no mere feat, and yes, it is understandable that you cannot act on instinct alone, but being expeditious and thorough is of the essence here.

Get acquainted with the market

Now, before you make any moves, you cannot just go shooting blindly and hoping that you will hit a residential jackpot. That would just be sheer luck if you do. First off, you have to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood’s prices, which homes have more offers than others, what is the general price range, what inventory is available, who is selling, why are they selling, are they open for bargaining, negotiations, deals, etc. For instance, homes which are getting 5 to 10 offers will probably cost around 20% more compared to the listed price itself. It is the same as auctioning items and other miscellanea, the highest bidder gets the house, no two ways about it. If you have troubles with understanding how things work, then you might be interested in this next advice:

Hiring professional help

Experts on property matters are almost unavoidable. There are rare occasions where professional assistance isn’t needed, but real-estate agents can definitely make the whole process a whole lot easier. Since you are on the prowl, looking for a home to suit your every need, hiring a buyers agent can be of tremendous help both for searching a suitable property and for doing all the tedious paperwork if the bargain is struck. Just make sure that they have the relevant expertise and that their negotiating skills will turn the tides to your favor.

Dealing with finances

It is apparent that you cannot have what you cannot afford. It is also good to know your financial limits, because it gives you a frame of reference just how much you are able to spend. Nothing can be done without a little math. Mark Fleming, chief economist of CoreLogic, says: “ It’s important to think about how large of a mortgage bill you’d feel comfortable paying each month. When bidding wars get intense, it can be tempting to blow your budget, but you may regret the decision later .” Adjustable mortgage rates to finance a home more affordably are a thing to consider, especially if you plan to live in a new home for a short period (5-10 years). Pay attention to the interest rates resets scheduled after the introductory period and try to stick to the initial financial plan. Changes are not that good in this context.

Bear in mind that it can boildown to certainty. Sometimes deals are made not because the highest price is appealing, but because there is a high certainty of closing. Also, consider other neighborhoods, since not all price ranges are mind-numbingly high and not all homes and environments might be suitable for you and your family. There are, in fact, many options or locations to choose from, you just have to play your cards well and keep your eyes and ears open.


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