Energy Star Program

For those of you that don’t know what The Energy Star Program is about, I’ve gathered a bit of information for you to read through. To start with, the program was formed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency; in the early 90’s. The Energy Star Program was set into motion to encourage energy conservation efforts. Increased concerns over the shifting environmental conditions and high levels of consumption sparked the need to necessitate the matter.

According to the Energy Star Website, the Energy Star Program is a labeling program primarily managed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. They initially set specific guidelines for all types of entities, industry sectors, and products.  Products in particular must adhere to their specific guidelines, in order to earn the Energy Star label. The program also extends beyond labeling and offers resources and tools for all to utilize and maximize on efficiency and conservation.

To begin with, the program was developed for energy conserving computers, but later encompassed other products such as appliances, home electronics, office equipment, buildings, and many other categories. Energy Star approved products are available to organizations, businesses, as well as consumers. Partnerships established through organizations, businesses and the like helped the program expand and become as successful as it has.

Eco-lights.com has incorporated this commitment by devotedly supplying their customers with panache high-end products as well as energy conserving products. Eco-lights.com carries a line of Energy Star qualified products for customers interested in purchasing eco-friendly, Energy Star qualified products. The line consist of anything from ceiling lighting, wall lighting, lamps, to outdoor lighting, to secure your Energy Star lighting needs. For more details on Energy Star Program, you can visit our eco-facts page or the Energy Star website.


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