Exterior Improvements That Sell a Home

Homeowners might fixate on the interior elements of a home when they’re ready to sell it, but exterior improvements shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, it’s the exterior that invites people into the space so that a property can be sold in the first place. Explore today’s innovations that truly sell a home from the outside to the interior.

The Solar Panel

An investment in the property is also an improvement on the household bills. Adding solar panels to the roof is a trend that’s sweeping many parts of the nation. Depending on the panel quantities, the entire home can be powered by these units. As potential buyers approach the property, they’ll immediately see the reflective panels. They’ll instantly know that the home has an updated electrical system and small bill with each passing month.

Distinct Decks

Your patio may have an extreme slope to it because of drainage concerns. In reality, this slope is a positive feature that many buyers perceive as a drawback. This design might also be applied to your roof as well. It could be a perfect place for an outdoor gathering without the sloping feature. To update both of these areas without changing the slope, try a patio or roof deck system. By using leveling pedestals, contractors create a flat surface so that you can walk and enjoy the space without any concern about the level.

Brand-New Windows

An exterior element that always excites buyers is new windows. Pick models with dual panes so that the trapped air can create an insulating barrier to cold or hot winds. You may need to point out that the windows are new during an open house so that their beauty can shine through. These features improve the home’s energy efficiency and attractiveness during potential sales calls.

Guided Pathways

The property might have a huge lawn, but no discernible pathway to the backyard or front door. Install guided pathways, such as stepping stones, that lead people to various exterior locations. You’ll save the lawn from foot traffic while creating a whimsical way to get around.

Don’t forget the value of a neat landscape. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on grass or contouring either. Try several potted plants along the walkway or surrounding the front door. Splashes of color will draw the eye, and bring people into the interior without a second look at older, exterior features.


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