Long- Or Short-Term A Self Storage Unit Is For You


If you need a place for your excess belongings to be stored, forget about your basement or garage. Like any place in the GTA, your Markham home is under threat of flash floods that can hit your home and ruin your property. These rooms are also subject to fluctuating temperatures and humidity that can damage your clothing, furniture, and documents. They’re also places that you live, and you don’t have the luxury of space to store excess furniture and boxes in these rooms. For items that you want to preserve as well as store, consider a self-storage unit. Self-storage units are the best place to secure your belongings, for however long you need them stored.

These storage units act as an off-site room or extension of your own home. In that way, they’re completely customizable in terms of size and length of your rental term. You can rent one according to the space you need, and you won’t be sharing it with anyone else’s belongings. Only you will have access to your unit, so you can enter and retrieve your items as you need them. This is great for those people who just need storage for while their house is on the market, and their extraneous furniture doesn’t fit in with the staging design. Or, if you need a more permanent solution, you can keep you belongings in a unit for as long as you need it.

So you’ve found a storage unit that’s based on your needs of size and length, but is it properly secure? While Markham is considered a very safe place to live, it does have its fair share of theft. You don’t want your important documents, clothing, or furniture to go missing because you’ve chosen an unsecure storage unit, so consider your options wisely. Mere padlocks won’t offer full protection, as anyone with the proper tools can cut these.

The best self storage units in Markham will have a comprehensive security program to fully protect your belongings. Only trust your stuff to those that are willing to have on-site, 24/7 surveillance, backed by strategically placed video cameras, tall fences, and bright lights to deter theft. Your unit should also come with a unique passcode so only you have access to your items. Those self-storage units that go over and above this standard will offer security against Mother Nature too. With climate and pest control, you can ensure your belongings will never have moisture damage or pest infestations. In Markham where humidity levels are high, this is an essential feature for those securing vulnerable documents.

Before you store your valuable belongings anywhere, you need to make sure it’s safe, secure, and easily accessible. From there, you can ensure that you find the right sized storage unit for exactly how long you need it. Long- or short-term self-storage units are available. You just have to know where to look to find them.


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