Preparing For A Storm That Includes Wind And Tree Damage

You can keep your trees trimmed and topped so they do not have much of an opportunity to fall over during a storm. And yet, if you live in an area with frequent inclement weather, it could be the case that one of your trees falls on your house.

In Seattle, the people that own Nintendo had that happen to them several years ago. A wild storm knocked a giant tree from their yard down on the neighbor’s house, despite the fact that they had taken every precaution so that trees would not fall.

Because you can’t predict how your trees will behave when you do have a storm, here are some tips on preparing for a storm that includes wind and tree damage:

Find a cleanup partner:

If you don’t have time to clean up limbs and branches, it is no longer that hard to find people that are qualified to remove trees. There are now a few Uber-like services online that you can rely upon to find the people that you need. One service like that,, has qualified contractors that can not only repair your home if it has been damaged, they can also remove the tree and replace your landscaping if necessary. One service, a few estimates, and a shortened timeline are the immediate results when you use a company like that.

Stay in a sheltered part of your home:

Even rarer than having a tree fall on your home is having a tree destroy the room that you are sitting in. No one wants to get injured during a storm, so if you are in a storm where you might have major tree limbs and trees themselves falling, then it is a good idea to figure out where your trees and your neighbor’s trees are concentrated so you can move to a part of the home that is somewhat sheltered from exposure to those trees.

Top any trees that need it:

If you have ever seen professional tree removal service workers, they never drop a tree in a spot that they didn’t want it to be in. It looks impressive when they land tree after tree precisely where they thought they would. On the other hand, it isn’t that hard to do. The main thing is to make the cuts in the tree ahead of time that make it difficult for it to fall any other way than the one that you set it up for.

Once a tree is topped correctly, even if it is pulled down by the wind, chances are it will fall in the direction that it has been pre-balanced to fall in.

Removing trees and damage after a storm can be a lot of work. Using a contractor service online to find qualified professionals that can save you time and money is one of the most popular trends in the home improvement industry.


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