Simple Ideas to Improve Your Home Storage

Newly build homes are definitely getting smaller than what we are used to. However, even in the largest of homes, we have a common complaint: there is never enough storage space! Once upon a time, we allowed ourselves a single ‘mess drawer’ in our kitchen. Now, we have multiple drawers, a cupboard under the stairs, an airing cupboard and various other places where we store nothing but clutter and mess. There are, however, options out there for you if you want to have some more space and an organized home.

Use Your Loft Properly

Most people have a loft or an attic, but it is a bit of a dead space. In reality, you can actually make very good use of it. So long as you have safe loft ladders installed, your loft can be the perfect storage space that you can access as and when you need to. Why not put some cupboards and shelves up there to store your items neatly? You could use storage boxes, your old kitchen cabinets and any other type of storage facility to keep things orderly. We all have stuff that we don’t really use but aren’t ready to part with, and your loft is the perfect spot for all of those items.

Under the Bed

If you are looking for a new bed, you may want to consider one that has drawers as well. There are lots of beautiful designs that you can choose from, including those that allow you to easily lift the entire mattress to access a storage space underneath it. You can keep things like your bedding, towels, sleeping bags, seasonal clothes and more under there and it will be out of the way but in an orderly fashion.


If you really have no more space in your home, you may want to consider hiring a self-storage facility. These are incredibly affordable and allow you to keep your belongings away from your property safely. Security is very important, however, and that isn’t just security from theft and burglars, but also from the environment. If you do want to choose a self-storage facility, therefore, do some research first. Also, make sure that you can afford the payments, or all your possession will be seized and auctioned off, just like in the various Storage Wars programs.

Put Up Some Shelves

You would be surprised at how much more space you actually have if you start utilizing your walls. Walls are often seen as dead space on which you could maybe hang up some decorations. But why not put up some shelves instead? If some of your belongings are actually quite beautiful, they can take pride of place as well, instead of being put away inside some dusty cupboard.

Use Your Garage

Technically, a garage is for vehicles. However, the vast majority of people use it not for parking their car, but for storage. If you do it properly, however, you can actually do both.

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