Top 4 Microwave Glitches And How To Fix Them

Microwaves are just as common as refrigerators in today’s kitchens. But like all the other electronic appliances, they too develop glitches after some time. More often than not, the glitches are too minor to call microwaves repair technicians. You can simply troubleshoot them.


If your microwave doesn’t work at all, check the how you plugged it in. Make sure that you plugged it in well and the outlet is functional. You can also check the door switch and the fuses. Replace the thermal fuse or the internal fuse if they are both blown out. Then make sure that the door release button and hooks are intact. If the release button is broken, the microwave won’t work at all. Simply replace the button or adjust the hook.

Power level

If your microwave’s power level cannot be adjusted, examine the circuit board or the triac. You may have to consult a technician if the circuit board is blown out. While at the circuit board, check the wire connecting the board with the motor. If the wire is not attached to the circuit board, the carousel won’t turn because the motor won’t rotate. Again, you may have to consult a technician to fix the motor.

Display flickering

A flickering display can hardly affect microwave functioning. It only becomes a problem if the flickering coincides with cooking. Should that be the case, find out if there is pest infestation like roaches under the readout window or touchpad. Pets, especially cockroaches, love hiding under the touchpad and keeping warm there. Simply open the touchpad and let the microware air under sunlight for at least 30 minutes, to get rid of all pests.

Buzzing sound

A buzzing sound simply means that the microwave’s power diode is defective. It also means that the magnetron and the capacitors have been blown out. The only solution is to examine these parts and replacing them if they are worn out. You may have to call a technician to replace the capacitors.


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