Ways to Improve Your Home Entertainment System This Weekend

The entertainment system is what makes your viewing and/or listening experience a great one. You want to hear every last detail that comes through so you can wring out every last drop of pleasure. You bought your entertainment system with the expectation that it is going to deliver quality audio at all times, but for some reason, it’s not delivering as promised. When sound quality goes, there are many issues that come into play.

It might be that the cables aren’t delivering the audio signal like they once did, the equalizer’s not set right, or your speakers are out of alignment. Yes, that’s right. It is possible for speakers to be put out of alignment for sound. Following are four ways to improve your home entertainment system in a matter of hours so you can enjoy nothing but pure, quality audio.

Check the Cables

Image via Flickr by Jordanhill D&T Department

You don’t necessarily need to buy the cables with gold-plated jacks to get the best quality audio. And, it’s uncommon for an audio cable to degrade over time. What can degrade is the digital signal from the player to the speaker, especially if you’ve spliced in jacks to extend the length of the cable. Or, your equipment isn’t quite up to the task of decoding the signal to its utmost ability.

It’s time to reconfigure the speaker cables if you’re experiencing signal loss. Don’t keep adding cables; instead, try to shorten them and eliminate splices to maintain the quality of the audio as it transfers from source to speaker. You’ll wind up with better sound.

Add In or Update the Equalizer

The equalizer gives you the ability to fine-tune the sound that comes out of the speakers. If you find that the bass is too muddy on a given track, you can lower the intensity on the equalizer. When you lower one frequency, you can increase another so you can pick out more sound in that range.

Equalizers need to be adjusted in order to best serve the music that’s playing. If you find you frequently change the type of music you listen to, you need to adjust the equalizer. And, that can get annoying quickly. Upgrading or adding in an equalizer with Bluetooth and smartphone app capability makes it convenient so you don’t have to leave the couch. Plus, you can use an iPhone 6S as a control panel for fine-tuning or changing over the balances entirely.

Align the Speakers

Speakers typically broadcast sound in one direction as well as transmitting all of the audio data at once. You want to set up the speakers so they throw their sound at you from all directions. There are plenty of diagrams available on the internet that show you optimal layout for each of your speakers, but that’s not all it takes. You also need to make sure that the speakers throw sound with a minimum of loss. That is, you want the speakers focused toward your seating arrangement to catch all of the sounds instead of some of them.

Use a Crossover to Separate the Channels

Each speaker is known as a channel. That is, an audio system with two speakers and one subwoofer is known as a 2.1 channel system. The more speakers in the system, the more channels to use. Adding a crossover box into the arrangement lets you choose which channel sends out what signal. In other words, if you want two channels to send out the highs, another two channels to send out the lows, and one channel for the mid-range, you need a crossover box. Use a crossover with an equalizer to get the most out of the sound.

These are just some tips that you can use to improve the sound quality of your entertainment system in little time. Sound is a very individual thing. Some people prefer heavy bass while others want to hear every last drop of sound on the track. You need the right audio setup in place no matter how you like to listen.


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