What to Consider When Selecting Melbourne Removalists

Hiring Melbourne removalists is highly recommended when it comes to moving house. Whether you’re moving down the street or moving to another suburb entirely, having professionals take care of all the hard work can save you a lot of time and relieve you of a lot of stress. But while Melbourne removalists can definitely make your move smooth, quick and stress-free, hiring the right Melbourne removalists for the job is important, as not all removalists are equal. This article will detail a number of steps you can take and what you should consider before making a decision and hiring a certain removalist company.

Pack for Success

Before you select a removalist, you’ll first have to get things ready at home. You need to ensure that all your belongings are packed in an efficient and safe manner. Don’t over pack boxes, and make sure that all fragile items are covered in bubble wrap and newspaper before placing them in boxes. Be sure that all furniture items that you don’t want to be scratched are also wrapped in blankets or covered with bubble wrap, as these can be easily damaged in transit if not protected.


It’s a good idea to research a handful of Melbourne removalists to find out if they’re reputable and are likely to do a good job. A great way to find out if a company is worth using is through word of mouth. Speaking to a friend, family member or work colleague that has moved recently is a good idea, but if you don’t know anyone who has used Melbourne removalists recently, looking at online reviews left by past customers can be the next best thing.

Compare Prices

Once you’ve made a shortlist of Melbourne removalists that have good reputations and happy customers, the next step is to compare what they charge. Comparing prices is important, as it’s the best way to make sure you’re not overpaying for a service.

When requesting quotes, it’s vital to make sure that they include everything you’re going to be charged for, including any packing materials that will be used (if you’re using the company for packing as well as moving), all insurance costs, and any optional extras that they may offer. It’s also a good idea to find out how long the job will take and when they expect it to begin and end.

Make Sure they’re Insured

It’s important to make sure that any Melbourne removalists you’re considering using have both transit insurance and public liability insurance. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your goods will be replaced or repaired should any damage occur.

In Summary

By doing a little online research, speaking to someone who has recently used Melbourne removalists, comparing prices and ensuring you choose a company that’s insured, you’ll be able to select removalists who can be trusted to do the best job and take proper care with your belongings.


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