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What You Need to Know About Gewiss Enclosure

You might not have heard of Gewiss enclosures before. They are boxes used to keep electrical wiring, transformers and starters secure and out of reach. They are used for safety reasons. They come in different types, shapes, and sizes. Understanding how they work is essential for safety at home.

Different types of enclosures

There are different types of Gewiss enclosures available. The most common is the Gewiss plastic enclosure. They are recommended because they are waterproof and durable. Plastic enclosures also provide better protection in certain scenarios.

Metal enclosures, on the other hand, provide style and security. Although plastic enclosures are waterproof, there are chances that they might expand, messing up the enclosure over time. In scenarios where the enclosures might get wet, using plastic is not recommendable as it deforms. Metal could rust when it becomes wet but if the metal enclosure is coated with aluminium, there is nothing to worry about.

Polyester enclosures are recommended if used in extreme temperatures. Due to their high-impact and sturdy construction, polyester remains tough during challenging conditions. They are not recommended in wet areas however and they might break if soaked in water. This is a cheaper option but is less secure than metal and plastic enclosures.

What are the ratings and what do they mean?

If you’re planning on purchasing Gewiss enclosures, it is imperative to understand what the ratings mean. An example of a rating would be IP57. The first value determines the ability of the enclosure to resist dust and outside particles. The second value is its ability to resist water. Therefore, in selecting an enclosure, make sure that you check the rating because having a rating of IP61 does not mean it’s better than IP57.

How can I know which enclosure is the best for my space?

The type of enclosures actually depends on where and how it will be used. By looking at the rating, you will know which type of enclosure best suits your plan. If you’re running a business and it involves electricity, you need to select an enclosure which does not react to electricity. If it’s going to be placed outside, the enclosure needs to be waterproof so that water, dust and dirt don’t get in.

Make sure to clean your enclosures regularly because sometimes, dust and other particles might disrupt the wirings inside your enclosure. If you need help with your enclosures, especially in setting them up, contact a professional about it. Do not risk working on enclosures as they can be dangerous. You can read DIY guides online or see tutorial videos on YouTube, but it would be a huge risk for someone who has not dealt with this type of item before.


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